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Graduation Requirements

To successfully graduate The Ogburn Middle School program, students must complete the following classes and grade levels.

Grade 6

Reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and writing skills are increased and reinforced through cross disciplinary selections. Various reading strategies are incorporated into the readings about plants, animals, people, and ideas.

Students are required to write eight (8) book reviews from book selections at their appropriate reading level.

Language Arts builds on previously learned grammar skills to introduce new grammar concepts. Students improve writing skills through the use of correct sentence structure, increased vocabulary, mechanics, editing, figurative language and using reference materials.

Mathematics students practice setting up and evaluating mathematical problems involving whole number operations, decimal operations, integers, equations, properties of addition and multiplication, order of operations, absolute value, expressions, equations, inequalities and relevant application problems.

Science students explore introductory Environmental Science concepts by engaging in reading, research and inquiry based activities that result in the creation of an online portfolio illustrating mastery of the course content.

Social Studies students engage in geography activities such as mapping and directional skills, locating climate zones, identifying world biomes, identifying Earth's surface patterns, plant and animal habitats of the world's regions.

Grade 7

Reading enables students to comprehend and analyze narrative and expository text in order to communicate more effectively. The broad scope of reading skills includes main idea and supporting details, analogies, figurative language, context clues, classifying, sequencing, cause and effect, inference, summarizing, point of view, predicting outcomes, text/graphic organizers, and reference materials.

Students are required to write eight (8) book reviews from book selections at their appropriate reading level.

Language Skills combines grammar and writing as a complement to the reading course. Using an "across the curriculum format", grammar and usage, parts of speech, spelling, affixes, punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, revision, and editing are emphasized to increase effective writing skills.

Math is an overview of core math skills that prepares students for Algebra and Geometry. Included number theory, decimals, data, statistics, fractions, algebraic expressions, equations, ratio and proportion, percent, integers, graphing, rational numbers, probability, geometry, measurement, algebraic patterns, relations, and functions.

Science includes introductory Earth/Space Science and Physical Science. Earth Space Science focuses on planets, asteroids, comets, galaxies, stars, meteors, constellations, and the sun. Earth Science focuses on earthquakes, volcanoes, metamorphosis, weather, climate, tides, currents, water cycle, pollution, and cosmic affects. Physical Science introduces types of measuring tools, motion, energy, electricity, magnetism, light, and sound waves.

Civics will provide a comprehensive background for the understanding of United States citizenship and the foundations and operation of American government. Students will apply this understanding to current event topics relevant to our nation.

Grade 8

Reading emphasizes reading fluency to ensure students are prepared for high school English Literature courses. Concepts include elements of literature, poetry, idioms, analogies, the biography, the autobiography, author's purpose, point of view, character study, analogies, and metaphors.

Students are required to write eight (8) book reviews from book selections at their appropriate reading level.

English Language Skills expands grammar skills needed for effective writing. The essay is the focus of higher level skills in these lessons on homographs, homonyms, direct/indirect objects, semi-colons, colons, hyphens, idioms, transitions, complex sentences and paragraphs.

Mathematics strengthens the basic computational skills and develops problem-solving skills. Topics include Comparing whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percent, square roots, powers, and scientific notation to solve work-related problems using calculators when appropriate; measuring in standard or metric units to specific accuracy and construct and interpret scale drawings and maps; demonstrating knowledge of geometric concepts of one, two and three dimensions and solve related application problems; collecting, organizing, representing, and interpreting data to predict outcomes; and using various problem-solving techniques and strategies.

Comprehensive Science is a two part course. Earth science reinforces the scientific method and develops elementary concepts about the Earth, its materials, processes, and history. Life Science introduces cell biology, basic principles of genetics, biological changes through time, classification and taxonomy, structure and function of plants, structure and function of animals, structure and function of the human body, and ecological relationships. Social Studies explores critical events and notable people throughout American History. These include, but are not limited to, America to 1620, Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella, John Peter Zenger and his newspaper business, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, Matthew Lyon, the American Revolution, America in the 1820's, the Jacksonian Era, America during 1850-1875, and the Gilded Age 1870-1900.

While other courses will transfer in, The Ogburn School offers the necessary courses to meet the graduation requirements.

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